Hospital food

Hospital food

The diet during your treatment

Medline Hospital has a Main Restaurant and a Vienna Saloon, where the patients and their visitors may enjoy fresh, tasty and healthy meal.

According to your specific disease and condition, the physician shall decide your diet during your stay at the hospital.

After some procedures and in some conditions, it may be required that you are fed with intravenous infusions of nutrients or with a stomach probe.

Irrespective of your diet, your food will be prepared from fresh and controlled products, in compliance with all requirements for correct hygiene and healthy food.


For your own safety, it is prohibited to bring in and store large amount of food and beverages in the hospital rooms. It is in your interest to strictly follow your prescribed diet.

If you follow a general diet your family is allowed to bring you juices, mineral water, fruits and other meals. However, you should be aware of the risk of food intoxication resulting from the consumption of outside food of poor quality or incorrectly stored.

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