Visits and information about the patients

Visits and information about the patients

The visits in the hospital are regulated for every day of the week and for holidays. In some units of the hospital – the reanimation and the plastic surgery units – there is a special admission regime, in order to guarantee the safety of the patients.

The visiting hours are from 16:00 to 18:00

When your visitors enter the ward, they are asked to put on plastic protectors on their shoes, which guarantee the hospital hygiene. After putting the overshoes, your visitors must disinfect their hands. The visitors with symptoms of acute viral infection must put a disposal mask as well. In some of the units the visitors are ask to put a gown.

Please, follow the instructions of the medical team during your visits. All instructions are designed to guarantee the health and safety of the patients.

The providing of information to the family about the condition of the patients is regulated in the hospital regulations. Upon admission you may specify which of your relatives may be informed about the changes in your condition, tests results, procedures and surgeries during your stay in the hospital.

The information is given by the treating physician



+359 32/ 65 66 00


Bulgaria, Plovdiv, 37 Filip Makedonski Street (the hospital has a parking lot, the first 30 min are free, then 1 lv/h)


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